The Present, The Now

I’m 28, unmarried, single with no prospects in sight and just the absolute bane of my mothers existence right now 🙂 Forget that I’m happy, have a great career, am independent and have a great set of friends. As a modern day working Punjabi woman in the US, getting married still seems to elude me and as we all know an unmarried Indian girl? Hai Hai Hai…..something must be wrong!

My poor mother has PRAYED….hard, gone to a pandit (three times, I think he intentionally doesn’t pick up her phone calls anymore), put out ads , did some voodoo, hit up all members of her secret bibi club at the guardwara, begged relatives, stalked boys at parties and gone to every social event within a 100 mile radius but alas, her poor unfortunate daughter still remains unwed…..bachari.


So why start this blog? Why out my dukhi ma? 🙂

As I venture off shortly into the last year of my twenties, I felt I needed to leave all my excess, bull crap, good for nothing baggage behind. The biggest baggage being my mothers need for me to get married to a proper Punjabi boy, preferably a doctor or engineer from a good family (Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it 🙂 )

After years of searching, countless nights spent crying and feeling like an absolute piece of shit that no one wanted to love, I finally came to terms with myself and said F*** this shit, I’m going to live! So, this blog is my manifesto to the world, that hey….with or without a proper punjabi boy, this girls gonna live her life 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~r~ xoxox

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